Artist’s Statement

I am an abstract painter using oil paint as a medium. I use abstraction to interpret the spirit and emotional place in which I find myself. I use abstraction because it offers an infinity of possibilities. Recent events have inspired me to look into how life inside us and around us is changing continuously. Internalizing the emotions of one of life’s big transitions leads me to seek simplicity. I am striving to produce an emotional response that transcends the physical world. I have begun to use texture to mirror the changes brought on by aging and the impact of time on all life.

My pictorial language consists of studied shapes, contrasting colors and textures that create a graphic tension and a spiritual energy. I create the perception of an inner light however subtle emanating from the works. I am using cold wax as an oil medium to explore how textures and colours reflect and affect emotions. I am interested in various aspects of colour: transparency, density, materiality and fluidity. I am searching for simplicity of form, colour and textures to communicate emotions.